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Who Can Get FIBROMYALGIA ?????

Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by fatigue and altered sleep, memory and mood. Widespread muscle pain and tenderness.

Fibromyalgia is often accom...

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SLE and its affects.....

Some of the organ systems that can be affected by lupus or lupus medications are: Central Nervous system (brain and spinal cord) Ophthalmologic system (eyes) Oral...

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Know What Exactly Is OSTEOPOROSIS

A condition in which bones become weak and brittle.

The body constantly absorbs and replaces bone tissue. With osteoporosis, new bone creation does...

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Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia !!!!!

Signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia

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Happy Republic Day !!!!!

Rejoice in the glory of the nation and do not forget to thank the soldiers, who's vigilance and sacrifice is keeping us safe.

Medha wishing you...

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Treatment of Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

Treatment of angle-closure glaucoma usually involves either laser or conventional surgery to remove a small portion of the bunched-up outer edge of the iris. Surg...

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You could have GLAUCOMA and Doesn't Know It ???

This type of glaucoma is a medical emergency. See an ophthalmologist or go to an emergency room immediately. Damage to the optic nerve may begin within a few hour...

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Medha Wishes you and your family a very Happy Makar Sankranti

May the God of the Sun brings sunshine and happiness to fill your life and home.

Medha Wishes you and your family a very Happy Makar Sankranti.

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GLAUCOMA and it's Symptoms

The most common type of glaucoma (open-angle glaucoma) often has no symptoms. Angle-closure glaucoma, although rare, is a medical emergency and its symptoms inclu...